Atheists and Agnostics acting like Christians

What is more perplexing to the devout Christian than the agnostic or atheist that acts in the manner proscribed by Jesus? That is, Works to alleviate poverty, accepting of others, non-judgmental, etc. Our instinct is to convert them or to otherwise attempt to convince them that they actually are Christians.
I used to work at a soup kitchen in Boston. There was a young woman who was a regular and frequent volunteer who was attending a nearby university. She was raised as a Roman Catholic, but she did not believe in a higher power in the sense of a God, let alone in the truth of the trinity. The soup kitchen was run out of an Episcopal parish, I was there as part of my ministerial training. We had many conversations about faith, she had been challenged by several issues earlier in her life, but did not feel that they had interfered with her spirituality; she was there because people needed help.
After some 10 years, she is still working as a homeless advocate and still has the same feelings about faith. She typifies what Christ has asked of us for our fellow man, and I am awed that she is so inspired simply because there is a need.
What do we, as Christians, do with this? We embrace them. We encourage and support and welcome them. We foster relationships based on trust and respect. We look for opportunities for our own spiritual growth.
We do these things because as Christians, we are required to create an atmosphere of acceptance for all. Second we do these things because the ministry of Christ is about supporting those in need, not worrying about who is supporting them. It is not our role to decide who is and isn’t a Christian. Our role is to be Christians ourselves, and we all have to acknowledge that it is an individual and personal process that changes over time.
If we look at this young volunteer and focus on her spiritual growth, then we are judging her, we are minimizing her gifts and we are limiting our reach.
As Christians, we foster a welcoming mentality.
As Christians, we do not judge the words and actions of others.
As Christians, we welcome and accept those things which help the poor, sick and weak.

If you don’t believe in God, if you do not accept the divinity of Christ, then so be it. I still think you are a worthy person, full of love and I hope in time you will change your mind, but until then I sure appreciate your help.
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Psalm 19:14
May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.
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4 thoughts on “Atheists and Agnostics acting like Christians

  1. “That is, Works to alleviate poverty, accepting of others, non-judgmental, etc.”

    It’s less perplexing when you realize that Jesus isn’t the only person who preached those things, nor was he the first.

    • You are correct that he was not the first, nor was it a unique position. However, many Christians disregard other teachers and focus singularly on the teachings of Christ. Therefor, dealing with a perspective that denies His existence is often challenging. Some Christians are so focused on converting others that they actually dissuade acceptance. Some Christians refuse to accept that the same conviction of belief can exist in someone who doesn’t believe.
      In the end, the primary importance is to encourage everyone to help those with less, regardless of what the locus of that support is.
      Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate the opportunity to think deeper into what and why I believe as I do.

  2. I have been an atheist for over 30 years. However the worst thing about being an atheist is that there is no hope in an afterlife. That is why I created my own belief system that has current scientific knowledge as its basis but fills in the gaps that science cannot currently explain with religious answers. There is no deity and as science advances so will my beliefs. I would appreciate if you could check out my blog at
    Please feel free to criticize and make comments

    • Interesting premise Alan. I am glad that you have thought about how you relate to the wider universe. I personally believe that in many ways science proves the existence of a higher power. Often non-believers conclude that religion is all mumbo jumbo noise made up to satisfy weak minds. I personally separate religion and faith.
      I firmly believe that there is a God; I believe that Jesus Christ was sacrificed for my sins. That is my faith. My religion is how I honor my faith in practice. I do not think that you need to have faith in my God to have religion. You clearly show that with your religion of Bangism.

      I honor and try to emulate the good works of Christ because at a minimum (despite his divinity) he was a person of such character that he behavior and acts of kindness to others stood out and I want to live in a world which treats people as He proscribed.

      If you act in a manner that emulates the kind and compassionate teaching of Jesus, then I don’t really care if you call it Jainism or Bangism or Christianity.
      Thank you very much for your comments

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